Tecnam P2010

4 seats, 3 passengers

137 kts Max Speed

715NM Max Range

The concept of AirPlay is to offer competent pilots easy access to high quality aircraft on a very flexible basis from short local trips to the European destinations for a week.


Flexibility is provided via a Tecnam P2010 Based at Finmere airfield in Buckinghamshire.
The company operates a new full IFR 4 place Tecnam P2010 with variable pitch prop and a Garmin GTN 650/G500 setup, please see [technical (add link)] for further detail.

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The aircraft is available for private use or for training beyond the PPL syllabus; MEP Class Rating, Competency Based Instrument Rating, IR(R) Rating, licence revalidations, conversion to Glass Cockpit, differences training to Variable Pitch props etc.

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All hire pilots must have logged a minimum of 100 hours P1 time in a fixed wing piston.
There are no joining fees or membership fees. Just simple hire options, please see Hire page for further detail.

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The Tecnam P Twenty-Ten brings together an advanced technology all carbon fibre fuselage with a metal wing to deliver a superlative single engined, 4 seat aeroplane, designed by Italy’s most innovative Aerospace design ‘guru’ Professor Luigi Pascale.

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