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Airplay has no join fees or membership costs, just 3 simple hire options::

      1. Pay-as-you-fly rate
      2. Block Purchase
      3. Pay Monthly (discounted Hourly rate)

The pay-as-you-fly rates and the rates for the block booking hours:

  • Pay as you Fly

  • Block Purchase, 5 hours

  • Block Purchase, 10 hours

  • Block Purchase, 25 hours

  • Pay Monthly (12 mths)

Note on hire costs

The costs above include fuel (wet), parking, hangarage and landing fees (including circuits) at Finmere

The monthly cost as listed above requires a minimum commitment of 12 months and is payable monthly in arrears.

Pilots are only charged for take-off to landing time (determined from the Total Time in Service shown in the MFD of the G500. Pilots are not charged for preparing for their flight, taxiing to/from the runway and holding ready for take-off/after landing. This is so that pilots do not feel the need to rush their pre-take off or after landing checks and to ensure the engine is fully warmed up/ cooled down prior to take off/after landing.

  • » Pilots purchasing a block of hours have a 12 month period to use the hours.
  • » The costs above are EXCLUSIVE of VAT
  • » Life jackets are available for hire at the cost of £2.00 per day
  • » Rates excluding fuel are available on request.

« These costs are exclusive of VAT