Tecnam P2010

AirPlay operates a Tecnam P2010 (G-WINX) with the following specification, performance, weight and dimensions

Aircraft Flight Manuals, Checklists and weight and balance spread sheet are available on request via the contact page


The Tecnam P2010 is certified to EASA CS/23 and U.S.FAA Part 23 including day, night, VFR and IFR. Operations



Overall Height8.8 ft 2.70 m
Overall Length 25.9 ft 7.9 m
Wing Span (overall) 33.79 ft 10.3 m
Area 149 ft 2 13.9 mq
Cabin Height 3 ft 0.91 m
Cabin Width 3.74 ft 1.14 m
Cabin Door Height (front) 3,05 ft 0,93 m
Cabin Door Height (rear) 3,00 ft 0,91 m Width (top) 2,88 ft 0,88 m Width (bottom) 2,33 ft 0,71 m
Baggage Door Height 1,28 ft 0,39 m Width 1,57 ft 0,48 m


Weight and Capacities

MTOW 2,557 lbs / 1,160 kgs
Empty Weight 1,565 lbs / 710kgs
Useful Load 992 lbs / 450 kgs
Baggage Hold 176 lbs / 80 kgs
Fuel Capacity 31.7 USG x 2 / 120 litres x 2



Service Ceiling
Take off Distance S.L. (Ground Roll)
Take off Distance S.L. (To Clear 50ft. Obstacle)
Max Climb Rate S.L.
Max Speed
Max Range Cruise Speed (75% pwr at 6.500ft)
Landing Distance (Ground Roll)
Landing Distance (To Clear 50 ft Obstacle)

All performance data are based on airplane weights at 2,557 pounds; standard atmospheric conditions; level, hard surface, dry runways; and no wind.


Lycoming IO-360-M1A Engine
180 HP @ 2700 RPM
Certified for 100LL & 100 Fuel (mogas)
Fuel Injection System
Tubular Steel Engine Mounts
Dynafocal Rear Mount
Engine Driven Vacuum Pump
Alternate Engine Air
Oil Cooler
Induction Air Filter
Throttle Control
Mixture Control
Propeller Pitch Control
Dual Ignition System, Shielded Magneto
Engine Exhaust Muffler
Variable Pitch 2 Blade Propeller
Propeller Spinner
Electric Starter


Equipment list for G-WINX

G500 PFD Integrated Flight Deck System
GMA-340 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon/Intercom
GTX-328 Transponder-Mode S
ELT406 with Remote Mounted Switch
Backup MD302 Attitude, Altimeter, Airspeed & Slip indicator with Arinc 429 input
Altitude Encoder
Mic & Phone Jacks-Pilot/Copilot/Passengers
Marker Beacon Antenna
Transponder Antenna
VHF/GPS Antenna
Emergency Locator Transmitter Antenna
Pitot System:
Heated Static Head
Alternate Static Source
Hand Held Microphone
Compass (lit)



Pilot/Copilot Cabin Overhead LED Lights
Passenger Overhead Light
Interior Lights Dimming Control Switch
Panel Lighting Dimming Rheostats
LCD Lit Glass Panel Displays:
Electronic Flight Instruments
Electronic Avionics Instruments
Electronic Engine Instruments
Sub-Panel Lighting:
Prop pitch
Radio Call Plate
Map Light


Instrument Configuration

MASTER Switch (ALT and BAT)
STBY BATT Test Annunciator
AVIONICS Switch (BUS 1 and BUS 2)
Electrical Switches
G500 PFD Integrated Flight Deck System
GMA-340 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon/Intercom
GTX-328 Transponder-Mode S
DME King Kn63 integrated control - displayed on PFD
Stall warning audible
Backup MD302 Attitude, Altimeter, Airspeed & Slip indicator with Arinc 429 input
ELT Remote Switch/Annunciator 15. JPI EMS4Cyl.ForL/R2 tanks setup complete Primary package with senders
Cabin Air Control
Wing Flap Switch Lever And Position Indicator
Mixture Control
Throttle (With Friction Lock)
Prop Pitch Control ALT Static Air Valve Control
Electrical and Avionics Circuit Breakers
Ignition/Starter Switch, Key Operated
Dimming Panel


Engine Indicating System

Tachometer - Hour Recorder
Manifold Pressure
Oil Pressure and Temperature
Fuel Press
Fuel Flow
LH/RH Fuel Quantity
CHT- Cylinder Head Temperature
EGT-Exhaust Gas Temperature


Electrical Power

Alternator,28 Volt,60 Amp
Battery, 24 volt, 8.0 AH (1hrrate), Manifold Type
Stand by Battery, 24 volt,23 AH(1hrrate), Sealed Type
Stand by Battery Controller
Electrical Circuit Panel
Alternator/Battery Master Switch
Split Avionics Master Switch
Circuit Breakers, Electrical
Switches, Electrical
Electrical J-Box
Alternator Control Unit
Ground Service Receptacle
Battery Current Sensor
Starter Relay
Battery Relay
External Power Relay Bus-O/V Circuit Protection (Including Alternator Control Unit)
CabinPowerJack-12 Volt,10 Amp



Windshield Defroster, Pilot/Copilot
Ventilator, Adjustable Heating System
Shrouded Muffler with Firewall Valve
Carbon Monoxide Detection System



Epoxy Corrosion Proofing, All Structure
LH Door, Pilot with Hinged Window, Lock and Key
RH Door, Copilot with Hinged Window
RH rear Door, Passenger
RH Baggage Door, with Lock and Key
Rear Window All Lateral Windows Tinted
Fixed Landing Gear
White Polyurethane Exterior Paint
Fixed Cabin Entrance Steps
Tie Down Rings,  LH/RH Wing & Tail and Nose
Tube Type Tires
Nose - 5.00 X 5
Mains - 6.00 X 6
Static Wicks



LED Nav. Lights with Strobe AVEO full LED TSO
LED Landing and Taxi Lights


Flight Controls

Hydraulic Brakes, Toe-Operated
Parking Brake
Stainless Steel Control Cables
Pilot/Copilot All Purpose Control Wheels
Pilot control wheel
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls -Aileron/Elevator/Rudder
Castoring Nose Wheel
Aileron and Elevator Control Lock
Stabilator Trim
Pilot Control Wheel Switches


Fuel System

Electric Auxiliary Fuel Pump
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Integral Fuel Tanks,240 ltrs (63,4 US Gal)
Fuel Selector Valve, Left/Right/Both OFF
Fuel Strainer, Incorporated with Fuselage Quick Drain
Fuel Quick Drain Tank



PILOT, CO-PILOT and rear SEATS leather
Carpet in Passenger Area
Pilot/ Copilot 3 point Seat Belts & Shoulder Harness, Inertia reel
Rear Seats & Shoulder Harness, Inertia Reel
Pilot, Copilot Seats Adjustable Fore and Aft,  Reclining Backs Vertical Adjustment
First Aid kit
Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
Fiber Instrument Panel, with Removable Subpanels
Map/Glove Compartment
Baggage Net
Radio Call Plate
Map & Storage Pockets
Pilot/Copilot Sun Visors
Passenger Cup Holders


Support Documents

Pilots Operating Handbook
Maintenance Manual